How can I Reduce my Electricity Bill with Solar Panels?

You can easily reduce your electricity prices by:
  • Replace standard light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs
  • Turn off any unused electrical equipment (such as TV's, Lamps, Games Consoles etc)
  • Ensure your items are Energy Rating A
    Did you know, its sometimes more financially economic to replace an old fridge/freezer with a new A rated piece of equipment

Installing Solar Panels can massively reduce your electricity bill.  Using the suns rays Solar Panels can convert light in to usable electricity for your home.  Extra electricity generated can be sold back to the grid meaning the electricity companies pay you!


commercial solar panels
Solar Panel Fitted to commercial property.

Installation Costs

Quote for Solar Panels

Installation of Solar Panels should be performed by professionals. Costs vary on the amount of Solar Panels required and access to the roof area. Simply fill out the online form over to the right, and you will receive a "guide price" for the Solar Panel Installation. 

To receive a full valid quotation will require a site survey.

What will effect my Solar Panel price?

  • The number of solar panels required
    • An 8 Panel System will cost less than a 16 panel system
  • Access to the roofing area
    • Good access will allow the installer to complete the job quicker thus costing less
  • Existing Roof Condition
    • If your roof/tiles are in excellent condition the price will be cheaper than a roof that is damaged or weak.
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